EliteDrive Golf Towels - Set of 2


Tee off with ease with the EliteDrive Golf Towels, the ultimate cleaning set for your clubs and balls! This 2-pack set comes in a fashionable mesh bag, so you can look your sharpest on the green. Don't miss your chance to ace your cleaning game!

STYLISH HOOK AND CARABINER: Adorned with two convenient holes and a carabiner, these towels blend style with functionality. Attach them effortlessly to your belt or golf bag, exuding a sense of refinement while keeping your gear within arm's reach.

COMPLETE CLEANING SOLUTION: Each set includes two meticulously engineered golf towels, purposefully designed to keep your clubs and balls impeccably clean. Unrivaled in its ability to remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass, our towels redefine cleanliness on the golf course.