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The Women in Food Box

Our Fall bestseller is back. Order your box of delicious treats before they sell out!

Women in Food Box

Our Fall bestseller is back. Order your limited edition box today.

Build Your Own Box

You get to design a one-of-a-kind gift

Building your team or friend have a new job?

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Why you'll LIKE us:


Why you'll LOVE us:

So Impressed

I had a friend going through a difficult personal situation - she lives in Boston and I'm in MSP - so I decided to send her the This is the Worst box just to show her some love. She absolutely adored it, and said everything was so high quality and it totally brightened her day :) Thank you!

My team loved this box!

I ordered a box for each woman on my team and everyone loved it! They all thought it was a nice surprise and couldn’t wait to use and eat everything. The ordering process was easy and the company kept my up to date on the status. I can’t wait to order my next box!

Perfect gift

When our friend in MA lost her beloved dog, myself (in RI) and another friend (in CO) sent her this box since we couldn't be physically by her side. It was a comfort to her and made us feel like we were hugging her from afar. 10/10 would recommend!

Great way to treat a friend from afar!

My friend was surprised and delighted to receive this package. I wished I could have celebrated her and her baby in person, but this was a lovely way to let her know I'm thinking of her!

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