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About the Founder

I'm Julie Schechter. I gathered my close network of friends growing up in LA, as a dance major at UC Irvine, studying at Harvard Law School, and working as a corporate attorney in New York City. Since my people are spread across the country, I’m always far from someone I love. I'm always missing something important.

I love my friends: they know my wildest hopes and dreams, and they've been there when things aren't so glamourous. I'd do anything to be present for them when they're reeling from a disastrous breakup or celebrating a huge career win. But sometimes it's just impossible. Sometimes money and time just can’t stretch far enough.

I created Small Packages to make connection easier. To be able to show up in a personal way when you can’t be there in person. To say, “I see you. I’m with you.”

I wanted sending love to get a LOT easier.

And now that it is (*bows*), I can return to my regularly scheduled programmming: figuring out how to build a commune where all my people can live together. Maybe in Barcelona? Still workshopping that part...

Get in Touch

Have a question? (About care packages, that is. We're still working on the "Meaning of Life" stuff ourselves.) Email us at and we'll get back to you ASAP. You can also check out our FAQs page to see if we've answered it there.