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October 11, 2021 1 min read

Small Packages is on a mission to combat the loneliness epidemic.

We would LOVE to Share Your Story about how sending a Small Package helped you make lasting connections.

We would LOVE to feature your story on our social media channels and website. 

How can you help?

There are TWO ways to help....

One: We would love to use your thank you note that you sent to your loved one when you sent your package. 

What does that mean? Our shop stores your thank you notes that you send along with your packages. If you give us permission, we will pull your thank you note and use it in the story of Small Packages. 

Please consider sending us an email here or (use the form below). Just say, "Yes, you can use my thank you note." If you don't reply or say No, we will not use your story! 

The OTHER way you can help?

Write the story of YOUR Small Packages.

  • Was your sister having a hard time after a move and you sent the Self Care Package?
  • Did a coworker need recognition after Job Well Done?
  • Maybe YOU received a Small Package and loved it so much, you had keep the tradition going by sending one to all your girlfriends?

Send us an email (or use the form below) and include your story! It means the WORLD to us. Thank you!

Sending Love from afar, 

Julie and Monika ❤️