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Self Care Package (NEW)

We have refreshed our best selling box! 
We know it's rough out there. The world is crazy. But even if you can't fix the huge problems, you can still provide small ways to recharge and reboot. And who knows? With enough chocolate, luxurious showers, and uplifting poetry, we might be able to make big strides after all.

  • Small Packages Dove White Gift Box & Letterpress Card: We'll personalize by handwriting your message inside the card.

    Lark Salted Caramel Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies: The ultimate in comfort food, taken to new heights.

    Small Packages Fuzzy Socks: Nothing says "rest and relax" like buttery soft socks.

    Swell Sunset Incense Cones: Help them set the mood for chill-out time with these long-lasting, mellow cones.