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Charcuterie Board

Great Choice! Box
Great Choice! Box
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The search is over for an easy and thoughtful way to say THANK YOU! Our Charcuterie Board box brings a gourmet touch that adds a special, thoughtful element to your appreciation.

  • Small Packages Gift Box & Letterpress Card: We'll personalize by handwriting your message inside the card.

    Freestyle Snacks Green Olives: Marinated in EVOO, minced garlic, and lemon peel, these olives burst with flavor and will complete any charc board!

    Sqirl Fig & Red Wine Jam: Figs steeped in red wine add the perfect amount of sweet and sophistication.

    Moonshot Sourghdough Crackers: A light and crispy cracker to stack all your charcuterie goodies on.

    Jocyln & Co Fruit & Nut Mix: A delightful combination of dried fruit and nuts - each bite is a harmonious symphony of sweet and nutty notes.