February 28, 2022 3 min read

If your sister, friend, or coworker just became a mom, you may want to send her a little something extra to let her know you’re thinking about her. So many new parents receive gifts for their new addition in the months around the arrival. However, not as many people send gifts that are just for the new mom, even though these days of huge transition can be overwhelming. Read our ultimate gift-giving guide to let mama know you’re thinking about her (not just her baby!). 

  • Food deliveries 

  • If you’ve ever had a baby, surgery, or just been under the weather, you know that having access to the food you want, when you want it, is one of the best gifts you could ever receive. You could create a meal train in your community to coordinate food deliveries of fresh home-cooked meals to the new family.

  • Small Packages New Baby Box

  • Do you want to deliver something for mama regardless of where you are? Perhaps you can’t drop off gift cards or don’t know the new parents well enough to send over gifts requiring clothing sizes or logistical details you can still show that you care with a New Baby box from Small Packages. Send your new favorite mama the following items: 

    • A Letterpress card, where you can write a message of encouragement and congratulations.
    • Slate Espresso Chocolate Milk, for extra energy.
    • Partake Chocolate Chip Cookies, because = cookies.
    • Chocolate Teddy Bear Rattle, to distract the new little one for a few minutes.
    • Conscious Coconut Oil Wipes, because she deserves to have luxurious skincare packed into an accessible one-hand format.
    • Newcastle Classics Swaddle, because you can never have too many.
    • Que Collapsible Water Bottle. If she’s breastfeeding, she’ll bereallythirsty. And if not, it’s great to have a collapse-and-go bottle to toss in the diaper bag!

  • Comfortable pajamas

  • New moms live in pajamas! Whether she’s learning to breastfeed at the hospital or hanging out with her baby on maternity leave, she’ll appreciate soft, silky, comfortable pajamas. 

    They may not be something she’d splurge on for herself, but she’ll love feeling pulled together in something that can handle a little spit-up.

  • Professional Photoshoot 

  • These photos are typically done before the baby is two weeks old. If you choose to go this route, it’s best to get a gift certificate and let her schedule a session that works for her. 

  • House cleaning services

  • There are some chores that new moms just don’t want to worry about when they’re busy taking care of their newborn and themselves. Gift the new mom a few months of cleaning services to help her juggle everything on her plate. This way, she can hang out with her baby instead of doing dishes or actually nap when the baby naps instead of catching up on laundry. 

  • Comfortable slippers

  • Most new parents think they’ll be able to soothe their newborn in the brand-new rocker they just purchased. Unfortunately, babies often have other ideas: they might spend a lot of time on their feet bouncing, pacing, and rocking their little one to sleep. Make this a little bit easier with some comfortable slippers. 

  • Streaming subscription

  • Perhaps the new mom in your life doesn’t splurge on streaming subscriptions for herself or is missing the one that has her favorite TV show. If so, gift her a subscription that she can watch when she’s hanging out with the baby during the day or up nursing the baby at night. Help her stay entertained even when you can’t be there in person.

  • Coffee

  • When you mention the babyhood days to seasoned parents, they often mention their caffeine consumption…and there’s a reason. Even people who didn’t drink tons of coffee before the birth of their child may find a new love for it. Gift your new mom some Starbucks gift cards, a new coffee pot, a coffee subscription — anything coffee! It’ll be a hit. 

  • Silk eye mask

  • It takes a few months for even the most chill babies to start sleeping through the night, so Moms are often catching up on sleep whenever possible. Gift the new mom in your life a silk eye mask, so it doesn’t matter what the sun is doing…she’ll always be able to sleep!

    Final Thoughts

    The perfect gift for mom after birth is exactly that — a gift for mom. Even if you want to give a gift for the new arrival, make sure you always include a little extra treat for mom as well. Recognizing the huge change to her life, even when it’s a beautiful, positive one, will really go a long way!