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August 22, 2021 2 min read

Getting a cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things possible. As a friend or family member, we want to show up and provide any comfort that we can. If your loved one is going through chemotherapy, try sending a care package to help make treatment just a tiny bit easier.

We have a ready-to-go care package for delivery, if you need to move fast. And if you'd like to make your own, here are some ideas for what to include:

Chemo Care Package

1. Something to do. Being sick involves a lot of waiting around, especially during chemo treatments. Some people like to read, while others prefer to do something tactile with their hands. We've included an embroidery kit: it's simple enough for a beginning, but involved enough to be truly distracting.

2. Something to soothe. Sometimes just the calming, repetitive acts of physical self-care can really help. We went for unisex shea butter, to keep hands (which are probably getting washed a lot!) from getting cracked.

3. Something to drink. You never know what your loved one will be able to stomach (often it changes from day to day), so tea is a safe choice. We always like TeaDrops, since they're single-use packets that can be easily transported in a purse or pocket.

4. Something to bring joy. Being sick often feels all-encompassing, so include something that feels fun for its own sake. We picked lollipops (honey flavor, to aid with nausea) and a fun candle, to make any place a little brighter.

5. A handwritten card.Nothing says "I'm here for you" like a card saying exactly that. The main thing your loved one needs to feel your support...and a few jokes never hurt, either!

Regardless of what you send, know that your love and attention is doing so much to ease the anxiety and stress of your sick loved one.