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April 19, 2023 3 min read

Grieving the death of a close friend or family member is one of the most difficult things to deal with in life. That’s why, when someone you care about is suffering through a painful loss, you’ll want to do all you can to reach out and help them feel just a little bit better during this dark time. However, finding just the right words and gestures to express your love and support can be challenging.

While everyone deals with bereavement differently, a universal truth is that, at times like these, people derive comfort from knowing they are not alone. As such, a care package can be a great way to let a grieving loved one know they are in your thoughts. 

A Gift That Goes That Little Bit Further

Traditionally flowers have been the sympathy gift of choice for offering condolences to loved ones after the death of a family member or close friend, but they don’t work for everyone. While in bloom, they can create an atmosphere of warmth and beauty that can be comforting to someone suffering through a loss, yet in just a couple of days, they will already be starting to wilt and fade. 

With that in mind, you may find yourself searching for something a little more unique and longer lasting that can perhaps even express both your love and support in a more practical way. Commemorative gifts such as photos and keepsakes can be a great option for a little down the line (and they will likely be more than welcome), yet they can be tough for a freshly bereaved individual to deal with.  

A care package, on the other hand, may seem far too simple to say what you want to say. It often goes a lot further than you might think. Alongside making the recipient aware that they have your deepest sympathies, it also places the focus a little bit back on them. 

Self-care is all-to-often placed on the back-burner during times of mourning, but it can be more vital during this time than ever before. Keeping physically and emotionally strong will help the bereaved better cope with the onslaught of complex emotions and difficult decisions that they will be met with at this time. A care package can help with this. 

What To Put In A Condolence Care Package 

Rather than overthinking things and getting bogged down in the details of what to include in this kind of sympathy gift, opt for simple and thoughtful. No matter what you ultimately include in the care package, understand that there is no single thing that can take away your loved one’s pain during this time. However, it can provide them with brief moments of calm and comfort amongst all their grief. 

A warming herbal tea can offer relaxation, while a sweet treat can take a little of the load off their minds for a minute or more. A scented candle can evoke positive memories and briefly help them to focus on happier times. Each of these can make all the difference to the receiver because they demonstrate the depth of how much you care.

Keep in mind that, as is often the case with gifts, it’s the sentiment rather than the actual item that conveys the meaning. The recipient may enjoy each individual product, but it will likely be warm and positive emotions that they evoke rather than the details of the items themselves that stick in their mind long after the care package is gone. 

That being said, whatever else you choose to include in your care package, a meaningful note or card is a must. This makes it more personal to the individual. You may struggle with the right words to say here, but it can be as simple as letting the other person know in writing that you are in their thoughts. You might also choose to recount a brief, happy memory you have of the deceased. This gives them something else to hold onto. 

Designing The Perfect Care Packages For Loved Ones

If you’re looking for some help with putting together the perfect care package, we’re here for you. After all, this is what we do. You could choose to pick out a pre-designed grief gift box from our carefully curated Something Awful range. Available in a choice of three sizes, each of the products have been handpicked to help you gift love and care. 

Otherwise, you might opt to create your own custom care package from our luxurious range of gifts and accessories, which include food and drinks, health and beauty items, mementos, and more. Beautifully presented in a gold embossed box in either black or white, our care packages look great and can be shipped wherever you need them to be.