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This is The Worst: $100

This is The Worst: $100

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  • Small Packages Letterpress Card

    We'll handwrite your message inside.

  • Mayana Chocolate Fix Bar

    You might not be able to actually fix what's wrong. But vanilla bean shortbread, fleur de sel caramel, and dark chocolate go a long way.

  • Aquis Hair Turban

    Sometimes a shower is the only thing that helps. Make it cozier.

  • Am I There Yet? by Mari Andrew

    A book of inspiration and encouragement from a wise and kind artist.

  • Small Packages Fuzzy Socks

    A necessary hug...in sock form.

  • Kocostar Undereye Masks

    Tears are nothing to be embarrassed about. But that doesn't mean you can't help heal the after-effects.

    • ADAM JK Keychain

      A mantra they need to hear, in a way they can carry every day.

    • PF Candle Co. Candle

      The scent and light will help keep them calm and cozy.

    • Big Heart Tea Co. Cup of Love

      Help wrap their hands around something warm.