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New Manager Toolkit
New Manager Toolkit
New Manager Toolkit
New Manager Toolkit

New Manager Toolkit

This toolkit is for the new manager in your life. (Is it you? Congraaats! You did it!!) Full of tools and plans for action, the New Manager Toolkit equips new managers with everything they need to make the first 30 days in their new role run smoothly; setting them up for all the success.

Here at Wherewithall we’ve been working with managers and leaders around the world for years. We believe managers deserve support because, hello, it can be really hard. So we made this toolkit for the new manager who’s excited, and a little scared, all at once. We got you.

Perfect for:

  • You, New Manager!
  • The person you've just hired/moved into management (remember how hard it was?).
  • The friend or colleague you’ve been rooting for.
We're here to support managers with:
  • A plan for the first 30 days. Start your new management role off well supported.
  • A process for handing off reports from their previous manager.
  • A framework for holding balanced 1:1s, both those very first ones and all the ones after.
  • A tool to quickly identify a support system for yourself.
  • 3 science-backed goal trackers by 11:11 Supply to help set some new goals for yourself.
  • A sleek folder to keep it all together.