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Self-Care Staycation: $100
Self-Care Staycation: $100

Self-Care Staycation: $100

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  • Small Packages Letterpress Card

    If you're sending this staycation to someone else, we'll handwrite your message to them inside! Otherwise, we'll leave it blank, so you can use the card yourself.

  • A 48-Hour Itinerary

    We've planned it out for you: baby goat live streams, the best new podcast, and more.

  • Mayana Chocolate Fix Bar

    Chocolate = a fundamental building block of self-care.

  • Small Packages Fuzzy Socks

    Cozy is the name of the game, here. We've got you covered.

  • Kocostar Happy Camellia Sheet Mask

    Hydration is happiness. So is having an excuse to lie down for 20 minutes.

  • Wander Beauty Eye Mask

    For closing your eyes to the world for a moment.

  • Valencia and Valentine by Suzy Krause

    A fun novel (with a great twist) will give you a break from reality.

  • pAra Botanica Meditation Mist

    This spray with lavender, mint, and silver helps usher in a zen state and calms anxiety.

    • Franklin & Whitman Gua Sha Stone

      Facial massage relieves tension and reduces inflammation. This elegant stone lets you practice this ancient Chinese art at home.

    • Small Packages Headband

      Those who are serious about self-care know: getting your hair out of your face is non-negotiable.