Mental Health Box

Great Choice! Box
Great Choice! Box

This box, designed to nourish and protect your mental health, was created in collaboration with our friends at Sad Girls Club. For each box purchased, Small Packages will make a donation to Sad Girls Club, a community on a mission to diminish stigma around mental health, supporting young women of color. We see you. We hear you. We feel you. 

  • $75
  • Sad Girls Club x Small Packages Card: We'll personalize by handwriting your message inside.

    Sad Girls Club Satin Pillowcase: Satin pillowcase to help treat your hair right while you stay well-rested.

    Organic Co Naked Body Butter: Self-care includes taking the time to care for your skin.

    Suavina Lip Balm: Pleasant citrus and menthol aroma, instantly provides a soft, fresh effect.

    The MadHappy Journal: A journal to help you learn more about yourself and your emotions. Includes feelings guides and daily templates to help you explore and express yourself.

    Lark Salted Caramel Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies: The ultimate comfort food: salted chocolate and crunchy cookies, made by a women-owned small business.