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Career Wins Gift

Whether they're just starting out, or just nabbed the corner office, you can already see how their creativity and intelligence are going to blow the glass ceiling to pieces. Here's a box to say that you couldn't be prouder of the impact they're going to make on the world.  


  • Original Small Packages Letterpress Card: We will personalize by handwriting your message inside.

    Wit & Delight IDEA Notebook: Dotted, cream-colored pages are ideal for lists and random thoughts.

    Public School Paper Co. Pen: Help them get that "Per my last email" energy.

    2- Hazelnut Pocket Lattes: Each bar contains a full cup of brewed coffee for a bold taste and natural caffeine.

    Well-Kept Screen Towelettes: Keep germs away with wipes the give back to social causes.

    Think Again, by Adam Grant: His New book about embracing the unknown

    Porter Ceramic Mug: Hydration = a crucial component of professional success.