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Engagement Box: $100

Engagement Box: $100

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  • Small Packages Letterpress Card

    We'll handwrite your message to her inside.

  • Bling Wipes

    Help her keep that ring shining all the way to the altar.

  • Raaka Chocolate Bar in Pink Sea Salt

    Very sophisticated. Very ready to get married.

  • Pen + Pillar Notebook

    Keep her organized as she books the band and figures out the seating chart.

  • Woolzies Essential Oil

    A calming scent, exactly what she needs during a period of "happy stress." 

  • LAPCOS Sheet Mask

    She's already glowing. This is just an excuse to zen out for 20 minutes.

  • How To Be Married by Jo Piazza

    A sweet read that'll make her laugh and give her tips to keep their union strong.

  • PF Candle Co. Mini 

    A sweet-smelling way to make wherever she spends the night before feel cozy.

  • Fugu Fugu Thank You Cards

    She'll have a lot of these to send. Make the process fun!