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Miss You Box: $50

Miss You Box: $50

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  • Small Packages Letterpress Card

    We'll handwrite your message inside.

  • Legally Addictive Cracker Cookies

    Chocolate covered salty treats: commonly recognized as the strongest antidote to loneliness.

  • Talk by Linda Rosenkrantz

    An ongoing dialogue between close friends, covering everything from sex to sculpture. It'll make them laugh, think, and give you even more to talk about during your catch-up calls.

  • Elum Designs 'Ello Stationary Set

    Texting is great, but bring back the pen pal! There's nothing better than getting an actual letter in your mailbox.

  • RAKO Coffee Espresso Blend

    Can't get coffee in person? Send them a blend from a women-owned roaster.