Birthday Box: $50

Birthday Box: $50

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  • Small Packages Letterpress Card

    We'll handwrite your message to the birthday girl inside.

  • Antidote Chocolate Bar in Hebe

    Chocolate: the only thing as sweet as she is. This bar is 77% dark chocolate flavored with Rose Salt and Lemon, and every square feels like a celebration.

  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

    You want her life to be full of inspiration and purpose. This best-seller will help her kick off this new year with mindfulness, passion, and a sense of curiosity.

  • Kocostar Camellia Happy Mask

    Whether she's prepping for or recovering from birthday festivities, this soothing sheet mask will do the trick.

  • 31 Bits Eclipse Bangle

    Elegant and socially-minded, just like her. Handmade by artisans in Bali.