Who can I send a care package to?

Anyone you'd like! Including yourself (we certainly won't tell). Customers typically send them to their friends, sisters, mothers, aunts...the list goes on!

Can I customize what goes in the box?

That's the beauty of Small Packages: we do the customization for you! All you have to do is pick a type of box and a price point, and we'll send a pre-curated box to the person of your choice. You can see what goes in each care package by clicking the drop-down menu next to each box price point.

How long do Small Packages take to arrive?

Orders are fulfilled in 1-2 days and then shipped. They typically arrive at their destination within 5-6 days of order placement.

Can I order a care package in advance?

If you want to place orders to ship later (say, you want to knock out a bunch of birthdays while you're thinking of them, but want the packages to arrive at the right time) just tell us in a note when you're checking out. We'll set your order to arrive whenever you'd like!