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Gilmore Girls Vs. Small Packages

It's TIME!

Live More.

Laugh More.

Eat More.

Talk More.



You have a lot of characters to shop for this season. So, we thought we'd give you some inspiration!


Lorelai enjoys coffee from Copper Cow Coffee found in our 

New Home box.

Rory was spotted reading "We're Speaking" from the

Hitha Book Club box.

Emily makes cocktails with the Morris Kitchen mixer from

Holiday Self Care box.

Sookie serves Boat Sauce from our 

Women in Food.

Miss Patty sprays Anne's Apothecary Floral Water from the

Birthday box.

Paris powers up with the Hazelnut Pocket Latte from our

Career Wins box.

Luke lights the Slow North candle from the 

Something Awful box.

Lane chugs the Chocolate Milk in the 

New Baby box(you'd need to buy her two!)

Jess loves the Caramel Corn from the 

Build Your Own Box, but wouldn't admit it!

Kirk writes his Mom a Thank You card from our

Thank You box.

Dean munches Oregon Hazelnut Toffee from 

Women in Food box.

Mr. Gilmore sleeps really well with Payne & Comfort Eye PIllow from our Get Well box.


We know you love the Gilmore Girls as much as us!

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Sending Love from Afar

Julie & Monika❤️