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About the Founder

I'm Julie Schechter. I gathered my close network of friends growing up in LA, as a dance major at UC Irvine, studying at Harvard Law School, and working as a corporate attorney in New York City. Since my people are spread across the country, I’m always far from someone I love. I'm always missing something important.

I love my friends: they know my wildest hopes and dreams, and they've been there when things aren't so glamourous. I'd do anything to be present for them when they're reeling from a disastrous breakup or celebrating a huge career win. But sometimes it's just impossible. Sometimes money and time just can’t stretch far enough.

I created Small Packages to make connection easier. To be able to show up in a personal way when you can’t be there in person. To say, “I see you. I’m with you.”

I wanted sending love to get a LOT easier.

And now that it is (*bows*), I can return to my regularly scheduled programmming: figuring out how to build a commune where all my people can live together. Maybe in Barcelona? Still workshopping that part...