Portable Campfire


What it is:Made from recycled materials, this totable firepit burns for hours without smelly smoke or messy cleanup. There are no embers to spark a wildfire, and no cleanup: Put it out instantly by putting the lid back on. Relight anytime. Eat your s'more heart out. 

Why we love it:Campfires are 100% awesome—except for the stinky smoke, finicky flames, and almost impossible-to-extinguish embers. Make them 100% awesome for real with this portable fire pit that does none of the above. Light it easily with just a match or lighter and bring fire's glorious magic to the backyard, beach, or campsite for 3-5 hours. Made from soy wax and paper, both recycled, it's easier on the environment than wood fires. Roast marshmallows over it. Sing songs and tell stories around it. Do a dance for the fire gods.