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New Manager
She's a manager now. She's in charge of other people's career advancement. On some level, the buck stops with her. And while that can be tough (the pressure!), it's also SO worthy of celebration. Send her management tools (so she can kill it from Day One), tea and essential oils to keep her calm, and donut cookies...because it takes two baked goods made into one to express how great she is. This package is created in partnership with Wherewithall.com (the woman-owned gold standard of management training) and available in one price point.
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New Manager Care Package
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We’ve put together this package to celebrate and honor the achievement of becoming a manager, while still recognizing it can be really tough to jump into this new role. It's chock full of tools—and a side of well deserved celebration—all curated by Wherewithall coaches.

Perfect for:

  • Self-care, New Manager. Tea, cookies, aromatherapy and the best new book on management? How about all of the above, but in a bath.
  • That person you’ve just hired/moved into management. (Remember how hard it was? They need you now.)
  • Your partner/friend/neighbor that could use some support, with a bit of celebration, as they start down the new manager path.

We've got you covered, Manager, with:

  • Resilient Management, a new book by esteemed coach and Wherewithall founder Lara Hogan
  • The New Manager Toolkit—a plan for the first 30 days. Includes frameworks for 1:1s, goal tracking, growing one's network of support, and more.
  • Donut cookies to celebrate
  • Emily McDowell Merit Badge because management doesn’t always feel easy
  • Eucalyptus aromatherapy oil to calm and relax
  • Uplifting tea to ground you, and keep you going.
  • And a letterpress card to send along some management words of wisdom. We'll hand-write your note to the recipient inside it!