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Megan Peterson & Corri Smith

Megan Flynn Peterson and Corri Smith initially bonded over their dogs, and have stayed close over cross-country moves, pregnancy, and building businesses. What does it take to maintain their bond? Driving long distances and getting impromptu tattoos? (#casual) Read on to find out how these busy women keep their tie strong.

Small Packages: What was the first thing you remember really liking about each other?

Megan: I remember thinking her style was so cool. We met because our dogs decided to be buds, so I loved that she was also a pit bull owner (our pups came from the same rescue)!

Corri: She was friendly and kind.

Small Packages: Now that you've been friends for a while, what's the thing that holds you together? Why has your friendship lasted?

Megan: We really didn't get to be friends in the same city for long enough--about two years after we met and became close my husband and I moved to California. I remember telling her we were leaving and not knowing what her reaction would be (a lot of people were surprised and a few even made me feel kind of guilty about it), but she said "That's okay!" in the most encouraging tone ever. She is supportive and always there for you, even if you're clear across the country. We don't get to talk as much as we'd like (I have a toddler and she has a booming business), but we always take the time to touch base and stay in contact. 

My favorite thing about our friendship is how easy it is when we're together. We used to just have a standing Sunday date where she would come over with Beefcake (yes her dog's name is Beefcake) and we'd do nothing--or something! We never needed firm plans, we could always just relax together with coffee or a glass of wine and almost always Vietnamese takeout. Now whenever we visit, her office is the first place we stop and we almost always get lunch at the same place every time. We just have our "things," and I love that about us. She's also always down to get an impromptu tattoo so really what's not to like?
Corri: I think what holds us together is genuine love for who the other person is. I really love her. She is funny, smart, witty, down-to-earth, caring and never judgmental. I know that time or distance won't matter; we can call each other up and talk like not a moment was missed, because whenever we do get to catch up, we both genuinely enjoy it. To me, friendship is when you add value to each other's lives. Megan adds so much value to my life. As you get older you realize that you just want to have the best people around, the ones that lift you up, and make your life better.

I know that time or distance won't matter; we can call each other up and talk like not a moment was missed.

Small Packages: Tell us something about your girl that she'd be too modest to share. Brag about her a little!

Megan: She has the world's biggest heart. She's also ridiculously talented, amazingly independent, and incredibly successful because she works harder than anyone I know. She is an inspiration to pretty much everyone who knows her.

Corri: Anyone would be LUCKY to call Megan a friend. Between her successful blog, husband, sweet daughter, travel, cook books, Ender's instagram, etc., she has plenty to manage... but she stays true to herself, is consistently kind, and always makes time for the people she cares about.

We never need firm plans. We just have our "things," and I love that about us.

Small Packages: How do you stay connected? (Give us tips!!!)

Megan: Social media makes it a lot easier, as well as FaceTime and the occasional flower delivery. We also try to be there for the big things. She had surgery recently and it tore me up to not be there for it--she drove three hours each way (and picked up the cake!) for my daughter's birthday party last year. It's not exactly revolutionary but we're actually in the midst of figuring out a standing FaceTime date every week or two so that we don't let too much time go by without seeing each other. Also I'm hoping she will come to California for Thanksgiving so...

Corri: We Facetime, text or share messages over IG DM. We recently decided to set up a weekly facetime and will start to do that (but then we got distracted --- maybe this will keep us accountable!)

Thanks so much, Megan and Corri!!


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