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Seri Kertzner & Ady Kirsh

Seri Kertzner and Ady Kirsh are a fun-loving, well-traveled duo who make it a priority to stay in touch. They travel together, keep each other alert on long car rides, and make sure their adventures get factored in to the demands of daily life.

Small Packages: Why do you think it's important to have deep female friendships? What makes them tough to maintain?

Seri:  Friendships can be tough to maintain when you don’t see each other a lot.  Between work, family and life (plus we live in different countries!) it’s sometimes hard to fit in the quality time with your friends. You need to make the time.

Ady: I think it’s important to have deep female friendships, because your friends are your sounding boards. You can be vulnerable with them without fear of judgment.

Small Packages: Now that you've been friends for a while, what's the thing that holds you together? Why has your friendship lasted?

Seri and Ady: We're on the same page and have very similar interests.  We both like to party, live life, laugh, and travel (oh, and eat good food). We call our time together "The Adventures of Seri and Ady." We respect each other, we value our time together, and consider each other family. 

I can be vulnerable with her without fear of judgment.

Small Packages: What does this friendship add to your life?

Seri and Ady: Joy + Adventure!

Small Packages: How do you stay connected? (Give us tips!!!)

Seri and Ady: An annual trip!! We take a trip every year. The last two years was in Aspen. We also do an annual summer visit: we meet for a few days in Canada and a few days on Long Island. We also do multiple visits during the year, like dinners, concerts, shopping, and spa days.

And when we can't be together, we text, we send funny photos and commentary to each other. And of course, we call. We phone babysit each other on car drives!

Here's our best tip: put dates with your friends on the calendar so they are scheduled in before each other’s schedules fill up. That way you'll always have something to look forward to.

Thanks so much, Seri and Ady!!

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