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Kaity Schanks & Diana Bell


Kaity Schanks and Diana Bell met at work, under...sub-optimal circumstances. But when you're meant to be close to someone, the magic just happens whether you're leaning into it or not. These two spill their secrets on open communication and a standing date night. Turns out both elements are just as crucial in platonic relationships as they are in romantic ones!

Small Packages: What was the first thing you remember really liking about each other?

Kaity: I first met Diana working at our former agency, and while we weren't friends from Day 1, I gravitated to her because of how well connected she was and thought I could learn a lot from her. After a few months, we realized we had a lot more in common that we thought and a friendship formed, specifically over our love for tacos — the spicier, the better! Every Tuesday we would go to a taco joint in the West Village for happy hour. After a while, the restaurant closed down (super sad!), but we realized how much we love food and eating out. It's now a normal occurrence to meet up after work and catch up over a great meal and drinks.  

Diana: To be honest, I didn’t exactly like Kaity when we first met. She started working at my company and they tasked me to train her on all of my good accounts which she ended up taking over (we joke about this now). Once the dust settled and we started hanging out outside of work, there was a noticeable connection - an ease of talking that just came naturally. She was extremely inclusive and wanted to dive into deeper conversations about family, relationships, and our passions outside of work. 

Small Packages: Now that you've been friends for a while, what's the thing that holds you together? Why has your friendship lasted?

Kaity: Our constant communication is key. We chat every single day on Gchat during the work week to talk about all the trivial details of our lives to heavy topics that are running through our minds. Then we pick up conversations over dinner ;) In sharing everything, we have a solid understanding of each other's personality, how to be there for each other, and how to be the most empathetic to one another. And though there can be topics that may be a bit embarrassing or weigh a little heavy on us, our friendship is truly a judgment free zone, one that I've very grateful for. 

Diana: We have seen each other through some of the hardest times in our lives. Since we met, we’ve both grown so much  and have been able to grow together as a result. Through travel and getting out of our comfort zones, we’ve experienced so much and continue to have a hunger for learning about people and places that are different from us and what we see everyday. Our friendship has lasted because we can truly see and support each other, even in times that we may not feel like we’re completely grounded on two feet, and with that support - we can offer the other one balance. Too much? :)

There can be topics that may be a bit embarrassing or weigh a little heavy on us, bur our friendship is truly a judgment-free zone.

Small Packages: Tell us something about your girl that she'd be too modest to share. Brag about her a little!

Kaity: Her love of bowling is something I find so endearing. She's a great bowler and takes it very seriously, too! As we get older, it gets harder to maintain a playful spirit and make time for passion projects, and I love that she's so dedicated to her bowling team. I know not to bother Diana on Tuesday nights! ;-)

In addition to being a phenomenal bowler, she's also a very detailed friend/sister/daughter/fiancé. For example, she takes the time to pick out meaningful gifts of great significance to the recipient. Every year during the holiday season, I see her taking the time to think of incredible gifts for the people she loves and it's so sweet.   

Diana:  Kaity is the most thoughtful friend I know. When I was going through a particularly bad time, I showed up at her door to sleepover and she met me with 3 types of ice cream (and I know her stomach doesn’t love dairy). She is always there with a tissue, the perfect shade of lipstick, and extra pair of workout pants, or a great piece of advice. She’ll review your resume, make you an espresso, and lend a caring ear. She’s just amazing! 

She’ll review your resume, make you an espresso, and lend a caring ear. She’s just amazing! 

Small Packages: How do you stay connected? (Give us tips!!!)

Kaity: Gchat is a must during the work day (shhh, don't tell our bosses!) We constantly send relatable, funny memes to each other on Instagram and we truly make an effort to meet weekly for an in-person catch up. It's so easy for work and life to get the best of us and surely commitments will always arise, so if we're having busier weeks we keep each other posted and set a date on the calendar to meet. That's what I love about our friendship, we both put in the effort to be in each other's lives. 

Diana: Kaity and I gchat during work and text most days, we send each other an occasional (and ridiculous) meme on Instagram and meet for dinner or brunch a few times a month. With her being in NJ and me being in Brooklyn, we make an effort to meet in the city during the week or I come to NJ on the weekends (she has come to Brooklyn too.. haha)

Thanks so much, Kaity and Diana!!

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