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Janna Turner & Annie Austerlitz


Janna Meyrowitz Turner (founder of StyleHouse) and Annie Austerlitz (currently rocking it at Disney and an alum of Forever21 and Edelman) both work in communications, but their friendship spans the whole country. Do the three thousand miles between them keep them apart? Not when there are job perks, Bloody Marys, and social media to save the day.

Small Packages: How did you two meet?

Janna: At Brandeis University in a History of Fashion class taught by historian Alice Kelikian.

Annie: I can share my first solid memory of Janna. We were both taking a History of European Fashion class together and I didn’t come to class one day (oops). Of course that was the day that attendance was being taken and counted toward your grade. Janna took it upon herself to write my name and email down and then told me about it later. Sounds like the start of a friendship to me.

Small Packages: Now that you've been friends for a while, what's the thing that holds you together? Why has your friendship lasted?

Janna: Both working in PR all these years, but for very different kinds of companies, has helped us give each other perspective. Also the fact that her work and family bring her to New York, and my work and family bring me to LA!

Annie: Good friends are hard to find and once you find them you need to hold on. But here is the secret - it takes effort. We both put in effort into our friendships. We live 3K miles apart on different coasts but when we find ourselves on the opposite coasts, we put in the effort to see each other. A coffee, a drink, an ice cream.  We don’t take things too seriously and try to bring a little laughter with us wherever we go.

But here is the secret - it takes effort. We both put in effort into our friendships.

What does your friendship add to your life? Does it make you stronger in some way? Braver? Something else?

Janna: Annie has the best laugh, and prioritizes fun and happiness. "Good times, great hits" is one of our sayings. Hanging with her is medicine for my stress and anxiety. We are always able to pick up exactly where we left off. 

Annie: Our friendship is special and we don’t take that for granted. We can lean on each other in good times and bad and laugh with each other along the way.  Of course some extra perks have come along from our friendship as well. Once Janna got me a yearlong membership to an LA based gym (she got it in a PR barter) because she knew I would love it. Then there was the time that she sent me, my mom and my sister-in-law a little gift of candles and creams (who says we aren’t influencers?). And one of her jobs allowed her a monthly clothing salary which she let me use to pick a few items out for my winter wardrobe (still have those sunglasses in my collection).

Small Packages: Tell us something about your girl that she'd be too modest to share. Brag about her a little!

Janna: Annie is whip smart and a great friend who never sacrifices who she is to please others. I feel so lucky to be in her inner circle!

Annie: Janna is a badass. There is no better word to describe her. She reaches for every goal she sets for herself and is constantly challenging herself. She is quick to help push you if you get stuck and there to help and offer advice when needed. She is vocal and isn’t scared to share the truth. She is kind, loyal, generous and most importantly a great friend.  

Hanging with her is medicine for my stress and anxiety. We are always able to pick up exactly where we left off. 

Small Packages: How do you stay connected? (Give us tips!!!)

Janna: We do the basic things like texting and social media (tagging each other in things that remind us of one another to say you're on my mind). But whenever one of us is in the other's city we always spend time together even if it's just an hour for a Bloody Mary and a hug. 

Annie: Janna and I are not the kind of friends that speak every single day. And yet, it doesn’t matter. As soon as we see each other or start up a convo, we are right back as if no time has passed. We forward each other emails or articles that the other might find interesting, we tag each other on social media or send short texts. But most importantly, we know the other is there and have that confidence and stability in our friendship. 

Thanks so much, Janna and Annie!

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